Wyoming's First Lady Pushes her Literacy Initiative

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-Cheyenne- (KCWY) "If you're struggling to find something fun you could do with your kid there is probably no greater activity you could do with your kid than sitting down and reading a book together," said Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead.

At a luncheon to honor Carol Mead, spouses of legislators and government officials themselves came together to promote literacy across the state.

"What we want to encourage is parents to sit down with your young children and spend that time together reading," said Mead.

Proceeds from a silent auction and raffle will benefit Wyoming reads and read for Wyoming, two organizations pushing for reading proficiency.

"Libraries are always looking for new material and books, so that is what we are raising money for,” said Lynn Kirkbride, wife of Rep. Dan Kirkbride.

To help get kids interested in reading the president of the Wyoming Education Association will be getting directly involved herself.

"We are teaming together to take the catavan around the state to elementary schools to read the cat in the hat and promote reading, and to donate books," said Kathy Vetter, the President of the Wyoming Education Association.

Kirkbride says 73% of kids who aren't proficient in reading by third grade won't graduate from high school.

"If you thought that spending twenty minutes reading with your children could keep them from ending up in prison, fifteen years down the road, would you find the time then," asked Carol Mead.

"You don't have to read for an hour, five minutes, ten minutes, every night as they are falling asleep, that's all it takes," said Vetter.