Wyoming Catholic College Opts Out of Federal Student Loans and Grants

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Over 70% of college students graduate with student loans... And 80% of those loans are federal student loans. Wyoming Catholic College received their accreditation last year making them eligible for federal loan and grant funding... But they've opted out.

Kevin Roberts: “We're not making a moral claim about other colleges or for that matter even the federal government,” says Kevin Roberts, Wyoming Catholic College President.

Wyoming Catholic College's President says because of federal overreach... The college will not be participating in the federal grant and loan program.

“When we read the tea leaves, this is a government that's already telling this college, this group of people we cannot practice our catholic beliefs, we are thankfully under an injunction under federal court on the HHS mandate from the Affordable Care Act,” says Roberts.

The HHS Mandate means regardless of religious beliefs... Employer health plans must offer contraceptives... But the school's injunction means they don't have to... And school officials don't want the Government involved in the schools decision making.

“We would expect, if we were to participate in these programs, very significant strings on our hiring, on our admissions and for that matter, even our public restroom facilities,” says Roberts.

Wyoming Catholic College officials have always offered internal student loans and grants and will continue. Interest through their school loans is about the same as federal loans at 6%.

“I have loans through the school and they have done an incredible job managing those and helping me understand what I am getting myself into,” says Matthew Gaddis, Wyoming Catholic College Senior.

“I hope this is a statement to the Federal Government that people can control themselves and that people can make decisions for their businesses, their entities and the things that they believe in,” says Mary Murray, Assistant Vice President of Advancement.

Robert's says while the federal grant and loan programs are easy money for colleges... The school will amp up its fundraising efforts to continue to offer internal loans and grants.