The Future Of Casper Roads

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The Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization has released a 4 year, $112 million plan to improve the roads, trails and buses in Natrona County.

They hope to start the plan in 2016. City Council member Bob Hopkins said the improvements are a direct result of what people in the community have asked for.

"The citizens of Natrona County have made it pretty clear that they want streets and sewers to be their real priority," Hopkins said. "The funding of course comes from the federal government. We get some match from our one cent funding and we get some match out of our general funding."

The major street improvements will include reconstruction to Cy Avenue, reconstruction of the 12th street and Wyoming Boulevard intersection, construction of a new I-25 interchange in Bar Nunn and basic street and sidewalk repairs.

Metropolitan planning manager Andrew Nelson said these changes will make driving around Casper much easier.

"The volume of traffic that we see on our roads increases every single year,” Nelson said. “We want to make sure that we have a prioritized program that meets the needs of our traffic."

The plan will also include the construction of a new bike and walking trail from Casper College to Rotary Park.

Streets and trails aren’t the only thing parts of Casper the committee hopes to improve with the plan, public transportation is also on the list.

"Over the next four years we plan to replace a total of about ten buses,” Hopkins said. “They get so many miles that it's time to replace them."

Nelson said that the committee has released the plan early to give people a chance to prepare for the road closures before the work starts.

"I think having the plan beforehand can really help residents anticipate what those construction projects are going to be,” Nelson said. “Maybe they can plan ahead."