Stubson Wants to Clean Up Washington

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Republican Congressional candidate Tim Stubson outlined his “Clean Up Washington” plan at a press conference Wednesday. According to his campaign manager, reforming areas of corruption in Congress would be a top priority if elected to represent Wyoming.

At the press conference, Stubson highlighted five major strategies that support his initiative to “Clean Up Washington.”

“Today I'm announcing my plan as part of my campaign to clean up Washington D.C.,” Stubson said. “And as I've traveled the state, as I've talked to people all around the state, what I've found out is that people recognize that Washington is broken.”

The candidate went on to describe his support for an end to automatic pay increases for Congress, an end to lifetime pensions for members of Congress, mandatory disclosure of lobbyist salaries and client lists, a prohibition on politicians using campaign funds for personal use, and a “One Bill, One Subject” amendment.

Stubson first ran for and won a seat in the Wyoming state legislature in 2008. He is now among a number of candidates running to fill the seat being left vacant by Cynthia Lummis representing Wyoming in the U.S. House.