Shaving for Rhonda

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Rhonda Kraus got her education degree last may but because of her illness she hasn't been able to work in the public school system.

"I think bald is beautiful it's okay with me and I told my girls that and next day so they were like ok gung ho we're going to do it and they have long hair!" Kraus said.

Her daughters, Savannah and Cassi both cut off around 20 inches of hair.

"I don't think we were hesitant it was just, let’s do it you know when moms ready we'll be ready you know it’s the only way we can actually fight with her", Savannah Roberts, her daughter said.

"No woman likes to lose her hair and I know it's not something she enjoys so we decided we'll let's just all do it and then it's not going to single anyone out you know", Cassi Lapointe her other daughter said.

Ten family members shaved their heads in all. But it wasn't shaving their heads that was the hardest part.

"To see like the strongest woman that you've ever known your whole life be hurting, it's just tough, it's just real hard", Lapointe said.

Her husband of almost 36 years says the hardest part is knowing there is no cure for cancer.

"After the first round of chemo and they said everything is looking good were a little bit in remission and then it came back and when it came back again was like a reality check that this is never going to go away", Michael Kraus said.

It’s the love and faith the family shares that's gotten them through these tough times.

"You just have to pray and I totally believe in the power of prayer I mean she's beat it twice now so this is number 3 and were going to do it", Michael said.

Kraus hopes she gets back into remission but until then.

"Were just going to keep fighting for as long as we can that's all we can do is just keep fighting for as long as we can and never give up", Rhonda said.

Both daughters donated their hair to wigs for kids. If you know someone suffering from cancer or another illness, both the Patient Advocate Foundation and the Patient Access Network Foundation are two organizations taking donations to help families with the financial burden.