Motorbike Trials Bring Dozens to Casper Course

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Nearly 80 participants from ages 5 to 75 came out to the Mosteller Ranch to do motorcycle trials this weekend. The goal to ride each trial without touching your foot to the ground, and that can be tough.

“Trials tend to be one of the cheapest forms of motorcycle sports which makes it a fun event for the whole family to be involved.” said Derek Martinson of the Wyoming Motorcycle Trials Association.

“A lot of our riders have been around for literally ever riding trials, and so now its kids and grandkids of them riding.” said Martinson

But these trials aren't easy. There are different obstacles for each skill level which some riders make look easy, and others remind you that it’s not.

“For the most part you get into the pro classes and there are some pretty radical obstacles and can do some pretty cool stuff, all the way down to the kids and the lower classes with a lot of technical stuff, and guys can get out and get some exercise and have a lot of fun.” said Martinson.

And some have a little too much fun with this thrilling and sometimes dangerous sport.

“It’s definitely dangerous, I broke my foot last year.” But that little scratch didn't stop up and coming rider Chase Abbott from doing what he loves.

“It’s just so much fun, I love being out here, and I'm just out here trying my best and trying to get better every day.” said Abbott.