Jason's Friends Poker Run

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“It’s emotional. a lot of days it's very emotional, I know my wife went home and cried last night,” Win Farnsworth, a volunteer for Jason’s Friends said. “I mean it's just it's hard to believe you know, but the impact to them is so much greater than we thought it was. And so it's just an emotional experience."

Jason’s Friends foundation held the poker run, a fundraising event on Alcova Lake where anyone could ride the silver lining, a high performance catamaran boat, in exchange for donations for the foundation.

The boat that reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour wasn't the only amazing part of the event, so was the cause.

"We help families throughout the state of Wyoming that have children with cancer, brain tumors, or spinal cord tumors," Lisa Eades said.

Foundation staff holds events throughout the year raising money to help families pay for living expenses while their children are in treatment.

"We really allow them to focus on their sick child and not worry about losing everything because they've got a kid with cancer," Eades said.

Volunteers are currently working with 87 families throughout the state of Wyoming. Events like the poker run are huge ways to raise awareness and money.

"We’ve done about 3. 3 million dollars worth of assistance since we started out and we started out pretty small in the beginning and we've grown every year," Eades said.

The boats belong to Win Farnsworth, who volunteers for Jason’s Friends, and he says watching the fight families go through is what brings him back year after year.

"Everybody asks us, you know, why do we make these trips. It’s a 30 hour drive round trip to grand lake last weekend but it’s life changing," Farnsworth said.