Human Remains Identified as Michael Bradyn Fuska

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A body found over the weekend is now identified as Michael Bradyn Fuksa who disappeared back in 2009.

Two hikers discovered the human skeletal remains over the weekend by Wolf Creek in Casper.

Fuksa was 22 when he went missing. He left home in Olathe Kansas in July 2009 with a felony warrant out for his arrest for theft. His vehicle was found abandoned outside of Douglas.

Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Shatto says it's a mystery how he ended up in Wolf Creek .

During the investigation, they also found a Beretta handgun, a backpack containing two medicine bottles and an inhaler, but the labels were unreadable. The coroner says Fuksa committed suicide.

Natrona County Coroner Connie Jacobson says, "Bradyn was missing in 2009. I think I mentioned before that his remains look at least that old, but there's some surrounding circumstances that I still need to look at and looking at the skeletal remains to get a closer look."

Fuksa's family has been notified, and the remains will be released to them this weekend.