High School Students Build Habitat for Humanity House

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A house built by Riverton High School students is halfway to its final resting place. The Geometry in Construction class works with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for people in need. Tuesday morning, the first half of the house was moved from the school to its permanent home.

Habitat for Humanity Job Supervisor Andy Eckart said, “It’s the culmination of months of work, and so many people have been involved in this project. There’s still a lot more to go, but this feels like a big moment for us.”

Only one half of the house was moved Tuesday, while the other was scheduled to be placed the next morning.

This is the second house completed by the Geometry in Construction class. The class is based on the idea of students learning geometry in the classroom, and then using what they learned in a hands-on way.

Eckart says Habitat for Humanity and Riverton High School are contracted for at least two more houses, but hopes this will be a partnership for many years beyond.