Casper traffic lights being adjusted

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A new study shows major timing issues with Casper’s traffic signals and flow. But this week changes are being made and driving on Casper roads should be noticeably easier.
There are days driving in Casper when it probably feels like every light turns red. And you'd be right. But after months of studying traffic, Casper city planners are making changes that should make it easier to get from point A to B.
The study found 26 lights are unnecessary and disrupt traffic. For example, the lights on Center and Ninth and Wolcott and Ninth don’t need to be there. The light leading into Casper College on Casper Mountain Road is another example. That light has been flashing for about a month and will be removed.
Speaking of flashing, they're also considering ending flashing lights overnight. Instead busier streets will remain green and sensors will change the light when cars pull up on side streets.
Andrew Nelson, with the city’s Planning Office said “The technology is there. We recently transitioned to those new detectors. So signal optimization plus better detection means we don't need that late night flash.
They may also change the striping on some streets but not necessarily do construction. Center Street is a good example of changing striping for safety. The street used to 2 lanes in both directions. Now it has one lane in each direction, a center turn lane and bike lanes on either side.
Some intersections like second and Beverly need another lane.
Nelson said “Putting in an additional turn lane would automatically increase the efficiency of that intersection. Because you have people trying to turn right but they can't turn right because someone is trying to go straight.”
But some intersections are beyond help this time around. The intersection of Center, Collins and Fifth needs a lot of work. Nelson thinks a roundabout is a good option. On CY the diagonal intersections on 12th and 13th also need some work. But all those will have to wait.
Nelson explained “That would require an additional study and probably some significant construction money down the road.”
This week traffic lights are being reprogrammed for better traffic flow. Drivers should start to notice the difference in a week or two.