Casper Mountain Dog Sledding

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But we can't forget beauty and skill of dog sled racing. Pam Dunn and her team are beginning to prepare for the 21st annual Casper mountain dog sled races.

If you know Pam know she loves her dogs...and if you don't know might know about the Casper mountain dog sled race. Dunn's passion for Wyoming and her dogs led her to start the race in 1995. "We felt that was something to give that we can give back to the community. We love Casper...we love Wyoming and we wanted to something that would benefit our state and our home."

Over the past 21 years, Dunn says she considers herself successful in more than just dogsledding. "We've been very successful raising way over $100,000 in monies for different charities and we'll continue to do it as long as we can."

Dunn's success has carried over for many years... This year she is supporting the Natrona county 4-H organization...which helps kids find their passion. "4-H is a great organization for youth for something to do. You know my feeling is one thing you don't want to do is let your kids get bored. They won't get bored with 4-H. So that’s a good organization to go to."

But the fundraiser isn't just about the money. Shelly Nicol says, "Obviously you know the money is gunna go to a good cause while you exercise your dogs and enjoy the beautiful landscape up here it's just gorgeous." "Well I always loved being outdoors. So this is a way to expand that in the winter and I also love being with dogs."

And Dunn says she will never stop raising money for charities...because she will never stop mushing. She says there is nothing more relaxing than hitting the snow with her best friends. "It's quiet all you hear is the dogs breathing and the sled swooshing on the snow. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.”