Casper Man Dead After Police Involved Shooting

A Casper man is dead after an officer-involved shooting.

Police were called to the 100 block of North Fenway around 10:45 last night for a male firing shots at multiple homes in the area.

Casper Police Department along with Mills, Natrona County Sheriffs Offices, and Wyoming Highway Patrol all responded to the call.

"After they set the perimeters, the gentleman or the subject came back out on the porch and then started firing rounds," said Lt. Chris Hadlock of the Casper Police Department.

Those rounds came from the gunman's assault-style rifle.

"He wouldn't hear the police because he had two speakers up against his ears, and he was dancing around and seemed quiet joyful. It looked like he was intoxicated," said David Demos, the gunman's neighbor.

The gunman was firing at neighbors' houses before the police arrived, then the gunman started shooting at police.

"There was a neighbor that had a cut from some glass from their window being shot out, but there were no major injuries," said Hadlock.

A Mills Police Officer fired two shots back, and killed the man.

A neighbor described the shooter as a quote mean person: "He told me he didn't like America, and he didn't like the police. He didn't really like much of anyone."

Demos says the experience was scary, but he feels sad for the Mills officer who shot the gunman.

"My sympathies also go out to the person that shot him. It's too bad he had to do that, and he has to live it," the neighbor said.

The Mills Police Officer who shot the gunman has been placed on administrative leave. No officers were injured.

The motive of the shooter is still unknown.