August Airport Report

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The Natrona County Airport report shows just under 10,000 passengers boarded planes in August, the highest passenger toll since 1987.

"We had a 10,000 passenger month last month, July, and one in October so we haven't seen a lot of 10,000 passenger months since again about 1987 time frame," GlennJanuska, Airport Director said.

In fact, Tte 2015 August passenger toll saw an 11.5 percent increase from August 2014.

"Which is pretty significant especially as we look at what's happening with the state economy, the local economy..with energy production and what's happening to the energy industry," Januska said.

Januska says summer is typically a busy month..but the numbers this summer are uncommon.

"We know that there has been some air service issues in surrounding areas so we think that we're pulling passengers from a greater area and that's kind of offsetting what we might be seeing with a softening of the economy locally," Januska said.

Whatever the reason, Januska says the passenger increase is a good thing for the future of Natrona County Airport.

"It means that when we talk to the airlines about additional service or larger aircraft, things like that,” Januska said. “It's easier to work with them and to justify when they see those types of increases. that certainly means potentially better service , more frequencies , more destinations which is good for everybody that want to fly out of the airport."