Animal Shelter Population

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With many people trying to save every penny they can during this down economy.. Many times it's people's pets who get the boot first.

News 13's Justin Roth spoke with metro animal services employees to see if they've seen more people giving their animals up.

"I'm shocked they're not up I figured with the economy downfall and everything our numbers would be higher then they are right now but thankfully there not were doing really well." said Tiffany Hyde an Animal Protection Officer.

Hyde says when people are losing their homes and having trouble putting food on the table... Pet populations in shelters usually go up.

"I would like to attribute it to responsible pet ownership we have seen many fewer dogs come in this years as to last year." says Tory Walsh Manager of Metro Animal Services

And although some people are leaving to find work elsewhere.. Walsh says they're taking their pets with them, however some pets are just too dangerous to give new homes to.

"You know if it poses a threat to public health and safety, a rattlesnake for example something like that were not going to re-home. Because of public health and safety" says Walsh

And metro's euthanasia rate is far below the national average of 56-percent. Metro animal services is only at three-percent for dogs.

"Although our dog and cat intake are down people have still been great about coming up checking the shelter for adoptions if there's something they might be interested in. There all homeless or unwanted animals and there all looking for a second chance."

Walsh says... Even with lower numbers, every animal still needs a home.

Metro animal services has just over 20 dogs available for adoption and over 60 cats.