Flying In With The Casper Airmodelers

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The Casper Airmodelers held it's annual fly-in this weekend with r-c pilots from all over the state coming to fly their model planes.

Many of these planes however, can't be bought at a store.

People from all over Wyoming and surrounding states came to show off their skills flying model airplanes.

President Josh Nelson said this event is a special one because everyone brings their prized planes.

"Everybody brings their best stuff and tries to show off everything they're proud of and they do crazy things out there with the airplanes and just show off and have fun and get together," Nelson said.

And these pilots have a lot to be proud of. Many of them fly model planes that they built themselves.

"A lot of guys will build them from what they call scratch build,” Nelson said. “They actually get the wood and basically carve them out and build them."

Whatever the reason these pilots have for flying - it's clear many do it because it's just "plane" fun.