The Casper Oilers are rolling!

After a slow start to the season, the Casper Oilers have really started coming together as a family. "As a team and band together as brothers. It's all starting to click, everyone is starting to buy into what the coaches are telling us." says senior player Ethan leech. Something the oilers have to deal with the past two seasons is a lot of youth. This year’s squad has 8 under class-men. "
Coach Simms always tells us in the huddle, and team meetings, it doesn't matter how old you are, how big you are, if you just go out there and play the game that you can, you'll be successful." says freshman player Carter Young. "I don't really call us a young team anymore; everyone on the team has played varsity baseball, everyone on the team played varsity baseball last year. So I don't feel like we're a young team anymore, we have just as many innings as anyone else does." says Leech.
Coach Simms says, confidence, is the key to success for his young and older player alike. "We're finally believing what we're doing, believing in the process, we're just putting all three together, riding the wave. " says head coach Josh Simms. "We've been working really well as a team we've trusted each other and we've trusted what the coaches have told us." says young. The oilers will be playing in a tournament in Gillette this weekend.