Sports Gambling in Wyoming

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"After the Supreme Court legalized it across the country, our email blew up that next day," Representative Steve Harshman jokingly said during a warm day at football practice with his Natrona County Mustangs.

Speaking of mustangs, betting on horse racing is not uncommon.
Wyoming Horse Racing LLC president Eugene Joyce says his organization pumps five million dollars yearly into the cities he operates in.

The potential is huge, and Joyce thinks there is a possibility to expand.

"We are trying to figure out the best possible way to do this, and we certainly have the infrastructure to do it," Joyce says. If state leaders think it could provide revenue for the state, that could also be a reason to begin taking advantage of the new Supreme Court ruling.

Of course, there are plenty of organizations taking notice including professional leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA, and more.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control, Nevada's sports books won a record $248.7 million dollars off the $4.8 billion dollars wagered in 2017. Here in Wyoming, legislation has not moved to approve these parameters, and despite the staggering numbers, Representative Steve Harshman says it's our voices legislators will hear to implement this new industry.

Whether you are for sports gambling or against sports gambling, everything changed thanks to a simple date.

May 14, 2018