Roughriders Mother's Day Surprise

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Heading out to Mike Lansing field, the Casper Roughnecks hosted the Cody Cubs in a double header.

In honor of mothers day, the roughnecks had a special surprise ceremony before the game. All the mothers and grandmothers from both teams, were welcomed onto the field, to be greeted with a bouquet of flowers. They remained on the diamond for the playing of the national anthem, taking in this memorable moment on mother's day.

Bottom of the 1st, no outs, 1 man on with both teams still looking to get on the board. Garett Clossen at the plate for Casper and he gets a solid piece sending it to the outfield, the cubs try and make a diving play but fall short for Jackson Mclean to take 2nd, and Clossen gets first.

Lane Fanto is dealt a walk, loading the bases for Chad Bila. And he comes through with a line drive to left field. Mclean comes in to score, and the roughnecks draw first blood.

Bases juiced for Will Clair, and he hits a high fly ball, the infield fly rule is in effect but the runner tags for Casper to lead 2 nothing.

Top of the 2nd, the cubs score 3 runs right away, now the bases are loaded for Hayden Brovinenberg. He hits a slow roller to the infield, the roughnecks try 2nd but miss, and the ball rolls all the way into left field. Cody brings 2 men home, to extend their lead 5 to 2.

Bottom of the 3rd, roughnecks trailing by 5, with a man on 2nd. Stephen Lovato at the plate, and he gets a base knock to right field. This one's good for an RBI single, as Fanto touches home, to now trail 7 to 3.

Cody goes on to win 13 to 10, but the roughnecks crush the second game of the double header, beating the cubs 13 to 1.