Player Profile Memories

It's a bittersweet time for athletes this time of year. With graduation right around the corner it's time to close the chapter and look forward to next season. On this week's addition of player profile, Mandy Knight takes us back through the year, reflecting on the moments and memories we've celebrated, just before we move on.

"In middle school, if you would have told me that basketball would have been my favorite sport and that I would have won a state championship with it, I would have called you crazy I mean, I always imagined myself as being a football guy and then it's just crazy to see where I am now," Manny N'Tula said.

"Just having confidence in yourself and just keep pushing forward cuz Tom really hammered that into me my freshman year when I kind of struggled and I think that's a big part of what he did for me so that's pretty personal," Lacey Camp said.

"Sports is just all about how your mind takes it, I mean you can push your body way farther than you think you can I mean it makes me feel amazing knowing that I can overcome adversity when I needed to," Logan Harbaugh said.

"The bond that you know we each make, not only with the coaches but with the other teammates, I mean I feel like these guys are my brothers, and that we go through the practices together, we do everything together so it's definitely being a part of a team, something that's bigger than yourself," Kameron Westerberg said.

"You know for me, it's just I want to be a role model for all the little kids that come to these games cuz those players, when I was in 3rd grade, they were my role models," Emily Robertson said.

"It's pretty cool that, maybe later on down the line, there'll be somebody who will want to be looking up at my times, and all my first place finishes, and being like, I want to be like him," Garrett Condelario said.

"I like to say the quote you know if size mattered then an elephant would be the king of the jungle, you know, so I look at everything like that, it's all what you got in your heart, you can be the tallest dude ever but you know, you couldn't have any heart, you don't have any pride in the game, so you won't be anything really," Deante Strickland.