Player Profile: Jessie Carr

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While it’s not baseball season for most, current Colby College and former Casper Oiler pitcher Jessie Carr, is always ready for baseball. This holiday season he got the gift of returning home to Casper to play baseball ball this summer.

It’s not an Oiler jersey Carr will wear, but instead the jersey of the brand new Casper Horseheads franchise.

"It’s exciting when I found out the Horseheads were a team. I wanted to come and play and I wasn’t sure that I would have that opportunity,” Carr said.

He didn’t think he would get the shot to play for the Horseheads at first, but Horsehead head coach Josh Morgan says Jessie is exactly what the team was looking for.

"We got Jessie and he is one of the few left handed pitchers we have signed right now, and we always like left handed pitchers. I hear he dominated at the legion level last year, and his makeup is what we are looking for and the type of character we are looking for in Casper," the head coach said.

Carr fits the mold the Horseheads are looking for, but he’s just proud to represent his city.

"Being that home town kid is going to be fun, and to play with a bunch of kids who have never been to Casper is really exciting."

An exciting time for an exciting team building around the arm of one of the finest Casper has to offer.

Jessie Carr and the Horseheads begin their season May 25th at Mike Lansing Field.