Player Profile Brett Brenton

In 2017 he ran for over 1800 yards and totaled 25 touchdowns for Natrona County high school. The two time all state honoree was recently named the Gatorade Wyoming football player of the year.

"I woke up and my phone was just buzzing, and i had a lot of notifications on like twitter and stuff. I was just thinking, wow this is crazy, cause it's been one of my goals forever... I was almost at the moment where i was about to cry, and i was just super happy." Says Brenton.

Brenton had many highlights this season and one in particular stuck out to him.

"The 96-yard run against Cheyenne central. That was crazy cool.

"I looked back like right in front of me, cause i lined up on the other side... We outnumber them over here on this left side, i'm probably going to cut back, and right as i took the hand i looked, and i saw there was a hole, and i just went right through it was just open field off to the races." Says Brenton.

An obvious star for Natrona, but Brenton says he wasn't always this good in football.

"Freshman year, i actually played football for the first two weeks, and then i got a concussion and then i quit. I actually wrestled that whole football season, and that's kind of the reason why i got a lot better at wrestling." Says Brenton

The star running back quickly became a gym rat. Much to his wrestling coach Scott Russell's notice.

"Basically, you've got to be a pretty tough individual to go compete in both those sports, and he's got that. " Says Natrona County Head Wrestling Coach Scott Russell.

This multi-sport athlete now in his senior year is looking forward to the future.

"I'd love to play division one football... Even if i don't start, i'd still love it. Even if i have to red-shirt, i'd still love to go to football practice every day after school." Says Brenton.