One Pitch Softball Championship Game

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The bottom of the 5th was 3 up 3 down, with Dual threat coming in amped to hit, looking to increase their lead from 7 to 4.

Top 6, 2 men on with Marci Monroe at the plate and she hits a line drive right back up the middle, Shane Wagner comes in to score, Jess Orr takes third and Dual Threat goes up 8 to 4 on Monroe's RBI single.

Next up is Cody Miller, he hit the ball hard but the short stop makes a nice pickup. The double play is no good so they tack on another run to go up 9.

Top 7 Diana Porter up to bat and she rips one to left field, Billy comes in to score and Dual threat goes up 10 to 5 on the 2 out RBI base knock.

With the bases loaded, Bill Scofield takes the pitch for a ball, another 2 runs will score increasing their lead by 7 runs.

Next up is Mick Cooney, and he got all of that one, sending it way back hitting the fence. Cooney cleared the bases on his 3 RBI double, to make the score 15 to 5.

The Buster Mc-Thunder Sticz couldn't make a comeback in the bottom of the 7th so Dual Threat takes home the gold. One of the players on the championship team, Marci Monroe, made her first return to the diamond today after having a baby. She's thrilled to be back in action again with her team.

"It's been really fun, it's good to be back with my team, I really missed out playing the rest of the summer but, it feels great to be back on the field with them, we're kind of like a big family so I'm gonna be really sore tomorrow but it was definitely worth it so it was a really good time," Marci Monroe said.