KW Boys & Girls Crush the 4x100

Nothing says cowboy tough like baring 30 degree temperatures to race in the state track and field championships. But is there really even a choice? There's a lot of hype and high expectations for many high school athletes this week.

The boys of Kelly Walsh know to be true. After winning the state title as a team last year, success in 2017 wasn't an option. Today the 4 by 100 team lead the way to ensure another dominate year, as Lamont Frisby and the boys crushed their competition and won the four by one.

"It kind of means a lot to my family too because my sister was a 100 meter dash champion so I couldn't let her be the only track champion in the house hold," Cam Carter said.

"This was a good day coming out with my team you know competing, and getting 1st place in the 4 by 1 with guys I've been running with in the years I've been here so it's pretty cool," Lamont Frisby said.

"It just really feels good to know, since you've put so much work into it, it really pays off in the end," Joey Zook said.

"It's just good to compete against each other and race each other in practice and then come here and work as a team," Jared Spaulding said.

And if the boys are going to do it, the Kelly Girls have to do it too right? Well they certainly thought so. The record setting four some in Grace Czellecz, Clacie Simmons, Cece Szymczak and Taylor Rowe proved why they were the first team in 4a to qualify for that this year. They win it all with a time of 49.97 seconds.

"Having it be our last year for most of our relay team is an amazing feeling," Cece Szymczak said.

I'm so proud of my team, we've trained so hard for this moment and I'm just super excited," Grace Czellecz said.

"It's such a great experience to know that we were the fastest and all our hard work that we put in from the beginning of the year till now has actually paid off," Clacie Simmons said.

"As a freshman, to have this opportunity, with all these great people and experience all this and win state, it truly is amazing and I don't think I'll ever feel anything like this," Taylor Rowe said.