Bull Rider Back in the Chutes a Year Later

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A bull rider returns to the ring a year after a serious injury.

Bradie Gray made a surprise visit to watch the College National Finals Rodeo.

"I've always had a fight in me to never give up."

Bradie Gray is healthy and returns to the city that helped him back on his feet.

"It's pretty good to be back here. This community helped me out a lot.
So it's good to come back give back and say hello, say thank you to everyone that was there for me," said Bradie Gray, a professional bull

The Australian native, and former Odessa College Athlete made a surprise visit to watch the college national finals rodeo.

He was injured a year ago when a bull stomped on his chest.

He suffered collapsed lungs, broken ribs, and a torn aorta from the accident.

It was a few seconds that forever changed his life.

"It was an eye opening experience."

Now, he's a professional bull rider and is back to doing what he loves.

Gray even got back into the arena just seven months after getting hurt.

He also started competing again as an attached athlete a few months ago.

"It's just a great feeling to be back at it."

Gray also says there were nay sayers who told him he returned too quickly.

But, he didn't let it slow him down.

"I felt I was ready, so I was just out to prove to everyone that I was ready and I ended up being second at the very first event I went back to."

Gray is also achieving what he set his mind to do: be a professional bull rider.

"I want to go as far as I can in bull riding."

But it all comes back to the Casper community for helping him get through a rough time.

"I can't thank everyone for the support."

And now, he can leave it all out in the dirt.

Gray is taking it easy since he lacerated his liver a few weeks ago.

But, he says he'll be riding again in a month.