State Probation Officer Arrested for Passing Oxycodone Pills

On February 27th US Federal Probation Office spoke with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) about a state Probation Officer who was involved in selling prescription pills in Casper.

Court reports show DCI was provided with a phone a part of the investigation and observed a state probation officer's phone number associated with the transfer of prescription pills.

Forty-seven-year-old Allison Bussey, a State of Wyoming Probation Officer, was identified in court records for her text message conversations about giving away pills.

Records show Bussey had been prescribed twenty milligrams of oxycodone and had provided 10-20 prescribed pills to another person.

Reports show Bussey felt bad for the other person and gave them some of her oxycodone and said she "gave her quite a few".

She also admitted they were her text messages and gave away three oxycodone pills.

Bussey was arrested on Wednesday, February 28th and charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance.

If convicted, Bussey faces twenty years in prison and not more than a $25,000 fine.