Casper State Building Plans

Monday night we got a look at what that future state building property might look like.

Although it is not final State line No. 7 Architects presented what they had in mind, including design and layout.

Tonight's meeting revealed some concerns for building on the downtown property, including underground contamination.

But task force members say the cost to remedy that issue would not interfere with their 30-million dollar construction budget since the contamination is the responsibility of railroad officials.

"we're not gonna make the mistake of the 1970's and go forty years without building anything and then all of a sudden we have such a deferred maintenance such a deferred list that it really takes billions and prices go up and all of those things," said Rep. Steve Harshman.

The next meeting to discuss the state building will be on June 13th at 5:00 p.m. at city hall.