Young Wyoming Women Exploring STEM Careers

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Middle and high school girls took a trip to Central Wyoming College for a STEM conference earlier this week.

We spoke with the young ladies about their experience and the conference will help them in the future.

Over 200 young girls came to the STEM conference learning about opportunities for women in fields like math and technology.

With 274 students registered all of them attended to get hands on experience in Science, Technolog, Engineering and Math.

STEM Chairperson Peggy Peterson commented, “It’s important for young girls to learn about these fields because it will provide them opportunities to see succeed in life we encouraged him to not only finish their education but pursue careers in these fields to make their lives better."

Some say they already know what field they want to pursue.

"I wanted to be a Chemical Engineer or Astrophysicist!"

"Biology, in like the health."

Others were unsure, but found the conference helpful.

"It’s helpful because you can learn a lot of new things."

"It gives us an idea what we want to go into."

Hallie Robinson form Wyoming Indian High School commented, “I think because we don’t know what we quite want to do yet and this is an experience where we can find out more options."

Another added, “I hope they realize and can see the opportunities that are available to them if they continue their education and going to college and pursue a career in stem fields."

Students also had the opportunity to meet with colleges, Job Corps and Army recruits to provide more options for their future.

STEM board members will host the "Men in STEM" conference next year.