You Missed Jury Duty...Or Did You?

The latest scam to hit Natrona County, you missed Jury Duty, and now you have to pay the courts or police will come arrest you for your blunder.

Don't be fooled, they just want your money.

That should be one of the first clues when they ask for money or for your personal information.

Another clue is that many of the calls come after normal business hours.This way there is no way to confirm the false information.
If you are selected for Jury Duty, you will receive a letter in the mail, never a phone call.

John Hatcher Casper Police Detective reported, “The thing about this Jury Duty one is, they are also trying to get a lot of information out of you. With that as far as when they say you have an arrest for your warrant, your like, 'What I'm going to get arrested?' then they are like, let me verify, what's your name again, what's your date of birth, i might have the wrong person."

Hatcher also called this a, "very lucrative scam,” which has been going on for many years and continue to pop up through the year.

Best thing you can do is to hang-up to avoid their trap.