You Having Too Bright of Headlights Can Land You A Ticket

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CASPER, Wyo. Depending on the situation, some headlights seem like they are just too bright.

This could be because they are out of alignment, or maybe the car was repaired from front-end damage and the headlights weren't set correctly or at all.

Whatever the case, under the law there are consequences for having bad headlights.

"State law requires that you dim your hi-beams from oncoming traffic or also traffic that you are following." Said Clint Christensen of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. "Now if we can perceive or reasonably believe that the headlights are too bright or on brights we can stop you, make contact with you, find out if you are operating on brights or if your lights are improperly adjusted."

Troopers are likely to give you a warning rather than a ticket if your headlights are not properly aligned.

You can also be cited for violating the standard.

LED light bars are illegal to use when driving on improved roads.