Wyoming's State Fair Board Discussed this Year's Fair

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DOUGLAS, Wyo. The state fair will be one day longer this year after the run was cut in half last year.

"Reiterate the dates August 13th through 17th. It's that same traditional week the fair has historically occurred it just, I mean, we start on a Tuesday." Said James Goodrich, the Director of the State Fair.

The board plans on slightly raising prices this year since the cut them last year since it was shorter.

"and so we made it proportional increase to the fees to help offset the costs for that additional day." Said Goodrich.

The major public concern is a concert this year.

"We just don't know yet if the concert... we want to have if that is available within our budget."

Goodrich explained oldies country typically does well in the Douglas area, but finding an artist at a price they can afford that will draw in an audience is the problem.

If they don't have a concert, they will have to book a different event.

"Good possibility we would have a second motorsports event or we may do what we several years ago we did ah ah family fun night." Explained Goodrich.

He said the only way they can guarantee a concert they will have to find a sponsor.

Regardless, they plan continuing alcohol sales in the grandstand area.

it went well last year and brought in a substantial profit.

There was talk of the fair board starting a facebook page for the community to be more involved.