Wyoming's Secretary of State Accused of Sexual Assault

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray is denying claims he sexually assaulted a former co-worker.

Tatiana Maxwell described the incident in a Facebook post, which she said happened 35 years ago when they worked together at law firm.

She said while she interned at the firm he worked at he asked her to spend time with him. When she denied his sexual advances, he sexually assaulted her.

When he finished she said he apologized and said it was just because she was, "too attractive to resist”.

Her post stated, "I didn't know there was options available that would have properly address the problems, but it is a different time and they my daughters have encouraged me to speak up."

Murray has since addressed the claims and said he was, “shocked and appalled to read Ms. Maxwell's statement,” adding he, “struggles to understand what would motivate someone to make this kind of accusation”.