Wyoming's Peace Officer

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Late last year, Casper Lieutenant Chris Hadlock was named Wyoming’s “Peace Officer of the Year”.

Last week, he got to take his big win all the way to Washington D.C., to represent the state with the Wyoming Peace Officers Association.
The trip was part of National Police Week.

As the award winner, he got to travel with association members and attend the Wyoming Peace Officer’s Memorial.

While the trip at times was bittersweet, Hadlock said it was still a great feeling to get to represent the State that he loves.

“It's always a good feeling whenever you get to represent the state of Wyoming because we do a lot of good things for communities and our communities do a lot of things for us in law enforcement and it is pretty nice. It's very humbling, or whatever it is, you get a good feel of appreciation for the state when you know you are out there representing our state,” said Hadlock.

Lieutenant Hadlock also attended several events honoring fallen peace officers while in D.C., including a candlelight vigil at the National Mall.