Wyoming's Most Dangerous Jobs...

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There are risks with every job and Wyoming has some of the more dangerous work.

Compared to the rest of the country, how does Wyoming workplace fatalities compare to previous years?

Wyoming had 34 work-related fatalities in 2016, which was the same as 2015.

Surprisingly, they were common in industries that we don't often think are dangerous.

There are many dangerous occupations and some are common in Wyoming.

"You know nationally the, the most dangerous occupation is logging."

Our state has its fair share of dangerous jobs.

In Wyoming, many people may think that coal mining is the most dangerous job, but survey says, trucking and agricultural occupations account for the most deaths.

The reason, according to State Economist David Bullard, "You know as far as truckers, you know there are always dangers in traffic. You add on winter weather, snow and ice, things can get dangerous pretty quickly."

Truckers traveling across state lines may not be accustomed to Wyoming driving conditions, causing many accidents. Some claim lives.

The number of total workplace deaths has remained stagnant in past years. So it's hard to tell if safety efforts have worked.

“That may suggest that things are not really improving, but if we look at the national data, nationally the number of workplace fatalities was up by about 354 or seven percent."

Nationally, 36 of the 50 states saw an increase in work-related deaths, meaning Wyoming is doing better than other states.

Most workplace deaths are due to accidents.

"There is a certain random component to random workplace fatalities and so going up or down a little bit doesn't necessarily mean that safety has improved, or has gotten worse."

In 2016, 40 percent of workplace deaths were related to both ground and air transportation.

According to the United States Labor Department, on average, more than 13 people die on the job each day.