Wyoming's First Barber School Opens in Casper

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Until recently, if you wanted to be a barber you had to leave Wyoming to go to barber school. But Rocky Mountain Academy in Casper opened Wyoming's first barber school.
It can be confusing knowing the difference between a barber and a hair stylist.
"When you're coming to barbering and cosmetology school, if you're coming in to be a barber, that means you're going to cut and shave,” explains Kirby Morris, owner of Rocky Mountain Academy. “Or, you can be a barber/stylist, so you cut, shave and use chemicals - colors, perms, things like that."
Morris opened Wyoming's first barber school at Rocky Mountain Academy in Casper. He says he opened the barber school to fill a void. The number of barbers in Wyoming declined to less than 100, and the average age of a barber was over 65.
Four Wyoming men will become the first people to start and finish a complete barber school in the history of Wyoming. Three have already graduated, one will finish his program in May.
Morris says all four barber students are passionate about their work. He says barbering helps diversify the economy in its own way.
The first four barber school graduates plan to open barber shops in Gillette, Riverton, Wright and Casper.
The barber school at Rocky Mountain Academy has open enrollment. Prospective students can enroll at any time. The first four graduates just happened to enroll together, even though they didn't know one another.