Governor Mead Speaks at Police Memorial

The Wyoming Peace Officer Memorial Service was one of many held across the nation, honoring Police who died serving us.

Police from around the State gathered today in honor of the Men and Women who have given the ultimate sacrifice, dying in the line of duty, as they worked to serve and protect others.

“These are the men and women in law enforcement across the country who have given that ultimate sacrifice that’s what we're here today, to honor them,” said Shane Clymer, Peace Officer Memorial Chairman.
The Peace Officer Memorial service happens once a year, during National Police Week, which was dedicated by President John F. Kennedy.

The service held at the Wyoming law enforcement academy is one of many stemming from the main ceremony which happens in Washington D.C., where hundreds of police from around the nation and the world gather in the Nations’ capital to pay tribute to fellow officers.

During the ceremony at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, speakers stood in front of the Law Enforcement Memorial which carries the engraved names of 67 fallen officers who served in Wyoming.
Governor Matt Mead was among those who spoke at the ceremony, giving gratitude to the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice as they work to protect the lives of others.

“It gives all of us an opportunity to pause and say thank you to the families, to the fallen officers, and to again pledge our support as citizens to support law enforcement,” he said.

The Governor said that despite the losses that were being mourned, it was with some sense of relief that in the State of Wyoming, the number of police who died in the line of duty stayed the same, hoping that through the next year, the list doesn’t increase.

He also pointed out that not only nationwide, but in the State of Wyoming, Police Officers from a close community, as brothers and sisters, and when one falls in the line of duty, it’s a personal blow to all of them.