Wyomingites Celebrate 128 Years of Statehood

Historians at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper are gearing up to celebrate a special anniversary!

News 13's Connor Comeau gives us a look at what it took, for Wyoming to become a state.

Tuesday marks 128 years since Wyoming was officially named the 44th State in the Nation.

Before that, Wyoming was nothing more than a territory.

Sunday, trails center visitors got to learn what was behind the 22-year process for Wyoming to become a state.

One of the reasons it took so long was the lack of infrastructure in Wyoming during the 1800's, specifically railroads.

Historian Reid Miller told News 13, “The Pacific Railway Act of 1862 affirmed the alignment of the railroad and it allowed for a grant of land on every other section of land.”

Wyoming was named the 44th state in 1890.

Since then many cities across the state, including Casper, have seen a lot of growth.

Historians say while our population is still small, there will always be room for growth.

"We’ve always been a territory and a state of promise. That's the beauty of it to me. And that's where our future lies in our potential for further development here."

Along with growth, there is room for celebration!