Wyoming Winter Activities Benefit Wyoming's Overall Health

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During the holidays, we sometimes forget the importance of staying active.

We looked at has some tips on staying active during the winter and improving our state’s health.

A recent report ranked Wyoming as the twenty-sixth healthiest state in the country; this is the poorest ranking since 2001!

According to these numbers, we need to stay active during winter.

John Giantonio, Director of Sports and Activities in Casper commented, “We are really lucky here in Casper for the fact that there's so much to do in the winter time, especially on the mountains."

The great-outdoors offers plenty of opportunists to stay active throughout the winter.

One unique family activity is snow-shoeing.

"Snow-shoe by the moonlight is quite an interesting experience up there."

Casper also offers downhill skiing, Nordic skiing and ice skating.

If these activities aren't your cup of tea, bundling up and taking your dog for a walk also gets you closer to those ten-thousand steps a day.

Even on the cold, windy days, fishing can be a hidden wonder of Casper.

Compared to other states, Wyomingites enjoy being distracted by fishing during winter.

Own at Casper’s Ugly Bug Fly Shop, Blake Jackson shared, “A few pluses in the winter months, the water is down lower, the fish are a little more concentrated so it is a great time to get out and enjoy."

"I know when I take my daughters out, often it's throwing rocks or looking at interesting things on the bank that kind of break it up and make it enjoyable for them."

There are plenty of activities to keep Wyoming active during winter, encouraging a healthy life-style.