Wyoming Welcomes 20 New United States Citizens

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On a rainy afternoon, Wyoming gained 20 new US citizens during a naturalization ceremony in Casper.

With friends, freedom and the support of family members, 20 people from more than ten different countries around the world were named US citizens at the Federal Courthouse.

The afternoon thunder boomed just as the Honorable Judge Skavdahl named the petitioners, US citizens.

American flags waved as tears fell and the new citizens took their oath and celebrated their new freedoms.

Please help us welcome these new citizens:

• Linda Faridovna Clark-Russia
• Guy Hector De Galard-France
• Gabriela Martinez-Mexico
• Verne Emmanuel Granger-Trinadad & Tabago
• Leopoldo Murillo-Mexico
• Magaly Guerrero-Mexico
• Hajnalka Hunter-Hungary
• Paul German Olivas Nevarez-Mexico
• Diane Lynette Berg-Canada
• Hari Prasad Baral-Napal
• Lida Daria Prypchan Sayagues-Venezuela
• Shelley Dawn Starnes-Canada
• Elizabeth Quebido Stewart-Philippines
• Frank Vallardares Alonso-Cuba
• Educardo Oria Dimas-Mexico
• Benito Lopez Valerio-Mexico
• Lourdes Damari Jansma-Mexico
• Leslie Dwayne Flinn-Canada
• Linda Andiastuti Carr-Indonesia
• AnsarKhan-Pakistan