Wyoming Weed and Pest Presents Opportunity for Future Agriculturalists

Wyoming Weed and Pest Council are again offering a $1,000 dollar scholarship to Wyoming graduates and college students looking to pursue careers in agriculture and natural resources.

Wyoming grads across the state are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

Once they fill out the form the application is sent to the Wyoming Weed and Pest council made up of twenty-three supervisors from districts around the state.

A committee of weed and pest supervisors goes through the applications numerous times, speak with the applicants and select a worthy recipient.

Weed and Pest Resource Coordinator Bob Shellard shared, “The goal is to find somebody that wants to participate in a future agriculture or natural resources and kind of a side goal is maybe they will come back and work for the weed and pest sometime. We want to see people stay in Wyoming, we want to see people make a living in Wyoming and we want to see them work in the natural sciences."

The deadline for students to apply is March 31st and you can access the application at: