Wyoming Students Participated in a Robotics Competition

CASPER, Wyo. Over 600 Wyoming students got the opportunity to show off their skills while doing something special.

They were part of a Lego robotics competition at the Casper Events Center.

The event was put on by "First" for inspiration and recognition of science and technology.

Volunteers say while the program is for kids, they got excited putting it together.

"It's amazing what they can do with these little robots, they're EV-3 robots. And they do all these missions around Legos." Said event organizer Cyndee Guthmiller. "And as a team, we put these together, which for adults is a lot of fun too."

The competition is also designed to gauge interest in STEM fields- science, technology, engineering, and math.

Volunteers who put on the event say it is very easy to see the enjoyment on kids faces.

"The issue is they get to a sporting event for those that aren't very good at sports. So this is their sporting event and they love doing this. And we're trying to build our workforce up in this country." Said Jon Blesi, a volunteer.

With over 600 students attending, volunteers say it is the best time for kids to show interest.

Many students say they already have their career field picked out.