Wyoming State Fair Preparations

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Vendor employees are setting up and getting barns ready for livestock. Flower barrels are out and volunteers are cleaning up around their workspace.
Tracy Dilts is getting her wool barn ready.
"We pride ourselves on having really clean and really good fleeces here for the public to look at and so we can promote the lamb and wool industry", Dilts said.
Dilts and her volunteers are pulling out all their shelves, washing them, sweeping, and painting some of their tables.
"The other thing is we have been preparing most of the year with the state fair trying to get it so that we would have a new air conditioning system here", Dilts said.
As a result of the budget cuts, Dilts had to come up the balance of the air conditioning unit even after donations were given.
The budget didn't only affect Dilts, but the whole Wyoming State Fair operation.
"We've reduced our entertainment substantially this year due to budget cuts, both in our lead acts Grandon Entertainment and also with our free stage and strolling acts", James Goodrich, the state fair manager said.
Some temporary labor workers had to be cut as well.
Even though the fair took a hit from budget cuts, fair employees were able to add "the kids spectacular event".
"It adds another night of mutton bustin for those people that aren't able to get into the performances that are held during the PRCA rodeo and then we have a little kids of crazy 8 races with their battery powered vehicles, stick horse rodeo, and then a dance in the dirt for those little kids after it's all over", Goodrich said.
While employees and volunteers are preparing for the fair, they really can't wait for the real fun to begin.
"It's really fun when you have somebody come in that knows absolutely nothing about what we got here and you can teach them something and they ask great questions", Goodrich said.
This is the 104th state fair.
The fair schedule has also changed. Activities will begin with ranch rodeo and two nights of PRCA rodeo and end with concerts and rodeo. Goodrich says this was changed to get more PRCA contestants and ground preparation.