Wyoming School Districts Feeling the Pressures of Budget cuts

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More school districts around the state are also feeling a pinch of the education budget cuts.

News 13 gained information about how some counties are dealing with this growing epidemic.

As school funding continues to get cut school district officials around the state are forced to make difficult decisions on how to utilize what money they do get most effectively.

Dr. Paige Fenton-Hughes, Converse County School District Superintendent shared, “Seeing if we could close a building was one of the options we talked about but it didn't come to the top when we started prioritizing the way that we would look at reducing our budget."

Converse County School District officials in Douglas are doing whatever they can to give children the most effective education.

"We're taking a look at how we do business and trying to be that much more efficiently and looking for way that we can maximize the dollars that come to us," said Superintendent Fenton-Hughes.

With an expected eight million dollar total cut in education expected in the next few years, priorities are reassessed all while trying to maintain quality education for students.

Fenton-Hughes added, “I think we all agree that we want to keep cuts as far away from our students and as far away from the instruction as we can. But that's becoming more and more difficult."

The school district officials have already re-designed their school system from previous cuts and hope to avoid closing their schools.

News 13 also reached out to Johnson and Carbon County School District officials about their cuts.

Johnson County has not had any school closures as of now and Carbon County officials were unavailable for comment.