Wyoming Ranks High for Best Drug Addiction Treatment Support

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Wyoming is considered one of the best states for drug addiction treatment support ranking second in a new study.

It's no surprise: a drug epidemic is sweeping the nation, and our own backyard.

But a new study shows when it comes to addiction treatment support, Wyoming surpasses other states.

"This was really nice to see".

According to a termlife2go report, Wyoming ranks second for best addiction treatment support.

Data was based off overdose rates, concentration of rehab and detox facilities per capita, and sentencing practices for drug possession.

Wyoming had 99 drug overdoses in 2016, and there were nearly 7 rehab facilities per 100,000 residents and about 3 detox facilities per 100,000.

Help for those suffering addiction hasn't gone unnoticed.

"The drug addiction programs here have really improved and I think the community has seen there is a need for it," said Detective John Hatcher from the Casper Police Department.

More research shows nearly half of all Americans have a close friend or family member who struggles with addiction.

"Addiction is a chronic disease."

At the Central Wyoming Counseling Center, staff have expanded services over time to tackle the growing problem.

"In 2008, we actually went to 93 substance abuse treatment residential beds and then we've expanded our substance abuse outpatient programs," said Carol King, the CWCC Residential Services Director.
King says a fairly new program is helping out.

"The other thing that we just done recently is added a social detox which is non-medical detox for folks that just really need the support to stay clean and sober and then get transitioned into some sort of treatment."

And as powerful drugs continue going around, the need for a helping hand grows.

King also credits state lawmakers for pouring more money into drug rehab programs as a factor in high addiction support ratings.