Wyoming Life Flight Continues to Save Lives

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You've probably seen them flying above, Wyoming Life Flight crews respond to emergency calls when residents need emergency help.

News 13s Justin Roth spoke with life flight crew members to see what they do and how they operate in vast state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Life Flight is an emergency responsive unit, and can get to you in spots where an ambulance may have trouble

Some would be surprised to find life flight crews in a smaller city, but it's here and just as important.

Clancy Henderson is a Flight Paramedic he says, "We respond to any kind of emergency situation that might need a helicopter for that has trouble gaining access by ground or any other means."

Helicopters can get you to help quickly.

"We can offer probably the first 20 to 30 minutes of er time or icu time that you'll get in any emergency situation" Clancy says.

Experts say the first 20 to 30 minutes... Is the most critical.

It took me just about 25 minutes to drive to hogadon; however, with Wyoming life flight it could be just a quick 5 minutes flight to the hospital which is the difference between life and death.

And Wyoming life flight has more than just a helicopter.

Kaspen Haley is a Flight Nurse he say the fixed wing aircraft has its advantages.

"A Pilatus PT 12 the big thing this does that is an advantage over the helicopter is distance" Haley says.

The Pilatus PT 12 can cut the flight time to Denver by nearly 40 minutes compared to the helicopter while acting as an mobile intensive care unit or emergency room.

"The fixed wing is a little bit of a farther transport" says Henderson.

Meaning they can transport patients to Denver, Rapid City, and even hospitals in Minnesota.

Haley knew he wanted to pursue nursing by watching his mom take care of his grandmother.

"As soon as i got into health-care i knew i wanted to fly it's kind of the top line of what you can do as far as nursing and being a paramedic in critical care."

Both Haley and Henderson have worked together for years and they make a great team.

"We kind of play off each others strength and weaknesses and it actually makes it a really strong combination of medical backgrounds" Haley said.

Wyoming Life Flight crews take 24 hour shifts so remember that the next you groan at the end of your 8 hour day.

Wyoming Life Flight has been operating for over 30 years and operate twenty hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year.