Wyoming Health App

A new app, makes your life easier when it comes to staying on top of your families health.

Wyoming Health Department staff released the "Family Health" app, featuring multiple functions to help you track your families health care.

Keeping track of your family’s health can be difficult, but in this technological age, app's are the way to go.

Breann said, "It's a lot easier than keeping a hold of all of the appointment cards and papers and some doctors will call you the day before you have an appointment just to remind you, but a lot actually don't."

The "Family Health" app by "Family Health Wildflower" has multiple advantages.

"It looks like a family health mobile app, where you can track. You can create a profile for every member of your family and then track their health histories and so forth," said Justin from Mountain View Regional Hospital.
One convenient feature is the vaccination tracker.

"Those get reported by every agency that gives them to the state so they can keep track of what is going on with your vaccine history," said Justin.

This app provides helpful tips, and links to resources offered by the Wyoming health department.

Parents find it helpful to centralize all the information into one location.
Breann said, "It was way hectic for the first six months, having my son, things happen that I had no idea what I was doing, so I think the tips would be helpful."

The app offers other resources like Wyoming quit tobacco program, and contact numbers to health care providers in your area.

"Any resource you can use to stay on top of your health, I would say use it," said Justin.

Managing multiple people in your family can be hard, but this app gives us an opportunity to ensure our family stays healthy.

Using your zip code to provide resources, the app does it's best to localize everything to your area.