Wyoming Food for Thought Aims High to Feed Spring Break Kids

With spring break coming soon, many children in Natrona County don't know where their next meal will come from during that time away from school.

Wyoming Food for Thought Project (WFFT) hopes to feed 675 students for the whole nine days while they are on break.

Their goal is to provide $21,000 meals during spring break for Natrona County's School District.

Products they need are specific to young children, are shelf stable and are kid friendly foods.

Staff encourage items such as peanut butter, granola bars, fruit snacks, instant macaroni and cheese or anything a kid would enjoy.

They challenge us to make a difference in March.

WFFT Director Jamie Purcell spoke with News 13, “You can even just buy one box of granola bars and that is going to make a difference. We have drop sites and you can find all of our drop sites on our website and just rally each other to try and help. One can of food does make a difference in that's a meal for one kid. In our community."

They are also hoping to gain some new volunteers to stuff the spring break bags this Wednesday night at 900 St. John Street in Casper.