Wyoming Ferret Report

Wyoming may get more ferrets in a year of two, and Meeteetse will get more ferrets this summer.

The home of the Black Footed Ferrets finally got them back last summer. America’s rarest mammal was reintroduced to the northwest Wyoming community where they were discovered 35 years earlier.

Last July 35 ferrets were put back on the Meeteetse area ranches where they were found in 1982. At that time Black Footed Ferrets were thought to be extinct. In September, Wyoming’s Game and Fish biologists discovered at least 19 of the ferrets had survived.

Wyoming’s ferret expert, Jesse Boulerice, told a Cody audience Thursday that’s the best survival rate yet.

The wildlife biologist said there will be another survey in September, but more ferrets will be released on the Meeteetse ranches in August. Boulerice said more Wyoming ranchers have volunteered to have ferrets on their land, but he said the next Wyoming introduction will take a year or two.

The first Black Footed Ferret reintroduction happened in the Shirley Basin, south of Casper, in 1991. Bourlerice said ferrets still live there today. Ferrets have also been placed in several other states, including

Montana, and in Mexico and Canada.