Wyoming Eclipse Festival Buzzing in Downtown Casper

The 2017 solar eclipse is almost here!

It is less one day away and the Wyoming Eclipse Festival has been buzzing in downtown Casper with residents and tourists.

Some visitors traveled thousands of miles and overseas to see the phenomenon.

"I’m Agostino from Italy"

"We are from Munich, Germany"

"Richmond, Virginia"

"I’m from Melbourne, Australia thousands of miles away from here and I have 30 of my friends coming from Australia coming see the eclipse."
The streets of downtown Casper filled with many spectators dropping by for the upcoming solar eclipse.

David Haagensen commented, “Yeah I’m real excited to be here and see the eclipse. One of these once in a lifetime things you know. As long as you got no cloud cover it will be absolutely brilliant I’m sure it will be."

And some said they've seen multiple eclipses from all over the world.

Katherine Wiesendanger said, “My husband Doctor Henry Neble is an astrophysicist and he is a So-Cal eclipse chaser so he’s been to many solar eclipses."

And it's more than just a sight to see.

"These are events that give us an added perspective on life and show us our place in the universe so to speak.

Agostino Giordano talked about his first trip to the US, “My passion is astronomy since I was born so for me it’s a unique moment to live in America. This is also the first time in America for me."

Spectators of past eclipses say the magic behind them is something they want to share.

Annette Schott shared, “It is exciting and a very deep hearted experience and so I would like to have this beautiful experience in this year here in the area of Casper."

Global visitors coming to view the, "best show in the sky"right in our backyard.

News 13 will continue our coverage of the eclipse both Sunday and Monday.