Wyoming Eclipse Festival Begins

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Governor Mead spoke from the Brian Scott Gamroth Stage proclaiming the official start of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival. Lacking a solid surface to make his signature official, Governor Mead realized his leg would suffice. Regardless of this difficulty and the many obstacles faced over the year, Eclipse Festival begins.

"I can't tell you how amazing it feels," said an ecstatic Anna Wilcox. "When we got the guides printed and in house it was like this is really happening." the executive director of the Eclipse Festival added.

Mayor Kenyne Humphrey also knows this is a huge moment.

"I just hope everybody feels that same sense of excitement and renewed energy for our community that I do. I am going to be down here all weekend and Monday [to] enjoy it and take advantage of it."

Businesses also want to take advantage of the opportunity for growth in Casper.

With new faces arriving in the state, the goal many businesses and residents want is for visitors to come back.

During Wednesday evening's unveiling of the David Street Station, Governor Mead spoke highly of the definition of a Wyomingite.

The characteristics that make Wyoming genuine is why he believes this will be a huge step for Wyoming's future.

"It's the person that you see and get to meet on the street. That is a tradition of Wyoming," Governor Mead said. "I have no doubt on August 21st we're going to see that at the highest level and that's a wonderful thing."