Wyoming Claims May as Foster Care Appreciation Month

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Every year nearly 428,000 children are placed in foster care across the United States, that's according to Children’s Rights website.

Tuesday, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed the Proclamation to claim May as Foster Care Appreciation Month.

Foster care service workers and foster kids packed an entire room at the Oil and Gas Commission as the governor made it official.

The recognition not only happens here in Wyoming, but across America.

According to Children's Rights website, nearly 670,000 kids spent time in foster care in 2015.

Natrona County has put about 120,000 through the foster care program.

Some kids come from abusive backgrounds.

Rose Fry, a foster care advocate told News 13, “Meth, alcohol, heroin you know is on the rise all sorts of things."

About 62,000 children come from households where parents lost custody. Fry said sometimes, parents can gain back custody.

"Our goal is reunification with the families. That's what we are mandated to do and we're up about 80-90% of the time they do."

Angela Pettibone has two foster kids under her care.

She commented at the event, “We wanted to find some kids who needed because we wanted some kids to love."

Pettibone also said being a foster parent isn't always easy, but it's rewarding.

"It's hard, but I always say the grief does not outweigh the joy of foster care."

"We need more parents! We need more people to do what we're doing."

Kids average at least two years in foster care before finding permanent homes.